Alejandro Pena Sustainable Philosophy Reflected in Keter Brand

Keter is a lifestyle brand that creates household goods built to be used for a lifetime. The company is dedicated to decreasing its carbon footprint at every process stage, beginning with the initial design phase and continuing through the value chain.

Alejandro Pena, in his role as Chief Executive Officer of Keter, contributes to the direction and oversight of the organization’s overarching objective. Specifically, there are three key aspects of sustainability that underpin Keter’s approach to conducting business. All of Keter’s business decisions are based on this basis, which is made up of these three pillars: better goods, better business, and a better planet.

It is important to note that Keter’s top executives are just some of the ones that appreciate sustainability. Pena says, “Every day, our colleagues worldwide rise to the occasion. They have faith that the future will be bright and that, working together, we can construct a better company and, more significantly, a better planet for future generations.” This passion and commitment to sustainability throughout Keter is a large part of why the company has already succeeded in meeting its sustainability targets.

Better Products

Keter’s lifestyle solution products offer customers several advantages, one of which is durability. The lifestyle products offered by Keter are of the highest possible quality and are designed to last a lifetime. The fact that Keter’s products may be recycled indefinitely is yet another illustration of the company’s commitment to developing superior goods. According to Alejandro Pena, “We do not believe in single-use items.” Their goods are recyclable and created with up to 100% of recycled content. In the year 2021, Keter utilized more than 160,00 tons of material that had been recycled. To put that into perspective, that particular figure happens to be five times more than the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

Better Business

Given that the Keter firm presently operates five different production sites, the personal dedication to sustainability that Alejandro Pena has demonstrated is of even more significance. In collaboration with The Education Fund, they developed the Keter Green Spaces program as a community outreach initiative. Keter’s aim is that, via this program, future generations will be inspired and educated to be more environmentally conscious and that this will spur efforts to bring about positive change in the world.

Better Planet

Since its inception, Keter has made environmental responsibility a central tenet of its corporate culture. Keter has set a challenging goal for itself, with the assistance of its Chief Executive Officer, Alejandro Pena, to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025. Keter is always looking at new methods to improve its environmental footprint and meet its sustainability objectives. They routinely analyze and improve their processes to guarantee that they take the health of the surrounding ecosystem into account while conducting any of their commercial activities. For instance, the company takes part in activities geared toward climate resilience and engages in actions geared toward water conservation.

In general, Keter, as a company, has a strong sense that they are responsible for acting as caretakers of the world. The entire company works hard to create and construct goods that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, all while keeping in mind each product’s effect on the surrounding environment.